BRIAH means ... life breath

           BRIAH  Danse is a non-profit, educational/artistic  project based company dedicated to dance  and expression of the human spirit through the arts.

 For each of us dance gives us life ... gives us breath!  Together, we connect ...past and future -  history, traditions and evolution.


        Each and every participant; dancer, artist, musician, volunteer, advisor, friend and colleague,  brings their heart to the arts.... Join Us !


   Each dancer has come to BRIAH with power and majesty, dedication to their art and a willingness to explore infinite possibilities. As Artistic Director, it is a joy to to begin this work together. They have joined me in a dream of possibilities.... My promise to them is to share  a lifetime of dance, my past, my experiences, my connections and convictions.  We are learning - together!  We are growing and moving together ... to catch the sun!  

     Our journey has been short to this point - we have given our time and energy  to make a new  voice in, with and through Dance! 

     Each day I am profoundly touched by these dancers, their lives, our threads of existence -  Each day brings challenges, promises and possibilities - 




BRIAH 2019-2020 News


BRIAH Danse  is a non-profit  organization - a dance company that I have worked to root here in Colorado.  Every non- profit struggles - the dance community is small and so many companies form here in the Front Range.

My dream has to been to create  a dance company and work based in  the finest traditions of classical  ballet, neo-contemporary ballet and modern/ contemporary evolutionary work.  

From my tradition - I look for dancers who would continue to train, push themselves into new territories and continue to explore expression, communication and life through dance - so that we can continue to tell our stories and histories in movement. 

 I LOVE the dance!


For 2018 into 2019 - BRIAH is on a new path - I am exited to work with Sharon Wehner and Domenico Luciano as we  take this year to explore new dimensions and horizons -  bridging classical ballet and contemporary dance.  We will create pieces for performances in 2019; push our creative edges and reach!  

BRIAH Danse  has also been approved and awarded licenses for two Tudor works from the Antony Tudor Trust, that will be set on Sharon & Domenico by the Trust  and repetiteurs - Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner.  

The Trust will offer workshops and  open previews during their process with BRIAH dancers in the Spring 2019. 


 I am SO excited to bring Antony Tudor choreography to the Front Range  and hopefully to continue our relationship with the Trust for future productions.  It is a great honor.


We have gathered  10 diverse and talented dancers to create our base company and  join us in our journey and performances, spring 2019. 

It is an exciting year with brilliant dancers, new works, Trust works, collaborations and a bright future with shining possibilities.


Sharon Wehner - ballerina and former Principal Dancer with Colorado.  Domenico Luciano former a Principal Dancer with Colorado Ballet.   Chauncey Parsons is former principal with  Oregon Ballet Theater.  Nicolas Pelletier, Fernanda Oliveira, Cella Martoccio and Arianna Ciccarelli come to BRIAH on hiatus from Colorado Ballet.  Cortney Palomo and Jean Weber have danced with Texas Ballet Theater and Alexis Drabek danced and served as Ballet Mistress , Company C in California.


 Please take a look at all the information about our dancers- pictures, videos and the journey of this new year on the websites:  www.jaynepersch.dance and www.briahdanse.com as we build into the future - Please join us!


We have also been given the rights to music by Martin Landh who will collaborate with BRIAH in a new work. 


BRIAH is looking forward to residencies in New Hampshire and California.  We have applied to the MacDowell Colony and Bogliasco Foundation in Italy.


 I hope you will support us in this new venture - follow us join us in open workshops and previews.  

Of course, BRIAH is asking for all kinds of support - Donations, community and business support. I would love to form a strong board, advisory committees  and a good staff to ensure BRIAH into the future for the highest caliber of professional dance in performance; to provide opportunities for the production of Tudor, Balanchine, Tharp  and Wood Trusts and Foundations to present work here in Colorado.  

For me it is time to do my best work and bring together dancers, choreographers, artists  to work together in these arts that we love and to share the work locally and internationally.


In 2019, I really wanted to create a community based work based in Tai Chi and using Bamboos and Silks called ‘ Kojiki’  to music with odd drums and more… perhaps this will take time  and  will hold it in my heart.  


I am so grateful for this year’s opportunities and possibilities - if you would like to join BRIAH in any way - or know someone who would like to join us - please contact me.  

Please share our news!

With thanks ~

Jayne Persch, Artistic Director