About BRIAH Danse Project '19

In 2019, BRIAH Danse is honored to stage and produce the Masterworks of Antony Tudor.

We are proud to qualify and work with Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner, reconstructing Tudor's Romeo & Juliet; staging Leaves Are Fading as well as an excerpt from Cereus - to show the gamut of  the ballet works of Antony Tudor.


Domenico Luciano and Sharon Wehner will dance  Romeo's Farewell;  

Emily Speed and Nicolas Pelletier will perform Leaves Are Fading - Pas de Deus #4

Fernanda Oliveira will dance an excerpt from 'Cereus'.

BRIAH Danse looks forward to future reconstructions with the Antony Tudor Ballet Trust in 2020 and into the future.




In 2019, BRIAH will also present two new contemporary ballets:  Penumbra  & Speranza

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Photos:  David  Andrews!  

Thank you David for your videos and photos!  You are amazing!

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